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The contest for the selection of MR & Mrs. Nair 2016 was one of the most popular programs that amused every person in the auditorium. Out of the 21 enthusiastic couples who participated in this event, the winning couple was Mrs.Beena Nair and Mr.Madhavadas Nairfrom Houston. 

The audience was thrilled to watch the contest with keen interest. The cleverly constructed questionnaire was aimed at analyzing the intimacy, love, weakness, passion, temper, intensity of closeness,  degree of patience, and to understand the chemistry between the husband and wife under various emotional tides of situations people face in everyday life. This event was organized by Mr.Jayan Mulangad, the well-known movie director. He has already impressed the world by his superb caliber shown through some of the movies he has directed.

 Congratulations to the winners Mr. & Mrs. Beena Madhavadas Nair.  Thanks to the audience whose overwhelming enthusiasm that made the contest very interesting.