Nair Service Society of North America, is a non-political, non-profit, religious, cultural, and charitable organization.
To provide a non-political forum to bring Nair community together, to build unity among the Nair families of North America, to enhance the cultural heritage, and to follow the customs, family values and traditions of the Nair community.
To collect, compile, and maintain a directory of all Nair families in North America and to establish and maintain strong relations with other Nair organizations all over the world
To organize necessary gatherings and meetings of the Nair community including national or international conventions and other activities.
To collect the history, culture, Nair ceremonies, the rich heritage, and share those for the benefit of Nair members and to identify and publish the procedures of Nair religious practices from birth to death.
To promote women and youth activities and to develop leadership qualities among them.
The eighth objective is finalized as: To work with other Hindu Organizations and compliment them in their efforts to bring the Hindu Unity.
Provide intellectual and economic assistance upon availability of resources to needy Nair members, to establish scholarship fund for education of deserving Nair community members and to establish and promote educational and other service oriented institutions to help Nair members all over the world.
To organize and coordinate charity activities and services for the benefit of deserving fellow members of the Nair community.
To be part of and support to further the activities any International Organization providing a world wide public forum to bring all Nair families under one umbrella.
To initiate, support, or promote projects or activities to develop retirement community of Nair families in North America.
To identify and establish effective methods of communication among the Nair organizations and its members including websites, printed matters, and electronic media
Organize activities and raise finances for the successful implementation of the objectives.